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Cairo, the "City of a Thousand Minarets”, is the capital of Egypt and with a total population in excess of 20 million people, one of the largest cities in both Africa and the Middle East. It is also the 19th largest city in the world, and among the world’s most densely populated cities.
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As Thebes, it was the capital of the ancient kingdom; today Luxor is known as the world’s greatest open-air museum, home to some of Egypt’s most famous temples, tombs and monuments.
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Located at the first cataract of the Nile, 600 miles (almost 1000 km) south of Cairo, Aswan is the southernmost city in Egypt and was the frontier of the ancient city.
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Abu Simbel

These two immense carved rock temples at Abu Simbel, a village in the ancient Upper Egyptian region of Nubia, are dedicated to 13th century Pharaoh Ramesses II and his first wife Nefertari.
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Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, Alexandria was an Egyptian capital for over 1000 years and is to this day an important industrial, economic, and tourist center.
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